Why SolarHelp.org

In today’s real estate market, Realtors® have a tough time with a surplus of homes on the market and fewer buyers. Homes with solar technology system are attractive because the over-all cost of operating a solar home is less than a comparable non-solar home. And any advantage for both buyers and sellers is a plus.

Research* released by the California Energy Commission reveals that California home buyers want solar and energy efficient homes:

91 percent of Californians view energy efficiency in the home as an important factor when considering the purchase of a new home.
70 percent said the cost of the monthly electricity bill was an important factor in their decision to buy a new home.
81 percent believe that a solar electric system lets a homeowner start saving on monthly living costs immediately.

Installing solar panels on your home is a substantial investment: make a payment now and get a big return in the future. To ensure a positive return on your solar investment and that your solar system operates effectively at all times, you need to hire the right solar installer who can guide you through solar installation process – from financing and finding the right rebates and incentives to installation and maintenance – and avoid typical mistakes when going solar. Our California solar installer partners are all professional solar energy installers so you can feel comfortable that you are getting quotes from quality solar installers.

SolarHelp.org is a no-cost, no-obligation, risk-free service dedicated to providing solar estimates to anyone interested in lowering their electricity bill and going green.


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