What is the value of accurate solar forecasting for utility-scale PV plants?


The importance and source of solar forecasting With an increasing number of installed utility-scale PV plants and a growing need for predictable energy generation, the solar industry has started paying attention to solar forecasting. The reasons behind this are: Solar generation is variable in nature. Being able to predict solar…

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How to reduce demand charges using solar forecasts


The challenge is well-known by commercial building owners and PV project developers: on site solar PV generation offers excellent energy savings to commercial customers but can result in unreliable demand charge reduction benefits.  Through a recent DOE funded demonstration project, Clean Power Research and EdgePower demonstrated how use of commercial…

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How to validate PV fleet forecast accuracy when you cannot directly measure it


The capacity of behind-the-meter PV systems is growing steadily. Figure 1 illustrates that there is over 5 GW of PV in California alone. The number is continuing to increase. The result is that behind-the-meter PV fleet forecasts are becoming increasingly important for utility operations. The impact of behind-the-meter PV production…

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