3 tools to achieve error-free energy program application submissions


Managing the energy program application process can require a lot of resources. Accurate and error-free applications are crucial for reporting, quick application reviews, tracking program performance, and in the case of utility energy programs, higher-level planning such as forecasting and grid planning. However, applications submitted in the form of PDFs…

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Paradigm shift for U.S. utilities: “Energy” efficiency, not “electric” efficiency


Stagnant load stinks If you’re a regulated utility in the United States, stagnant or declining load stinks. Policies like decoupling help a little, but like any other business, no utility really wants to face the economics of declining use of their product. If one view sums up the current dilemma for…

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Solar+ homes (Part 11): After Installation


This is the eleventh article of an 11-part series on Solar+ homes. The series describes how homeowners can combine simple energy efficiency measures, solar PV, electric vehicles and appliance electrification to create households that are fully powered by solar electricity—even in existing homes. A Solar+ home provides substantial economic and…

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