DER Program Managers – Get ahead of the storage surge!


Storage – A Highly Charged Market One way to gauge hot topics in the utility world is to track what’s new on the DistribuTECH Conference agenda. Due to strong interest from utility attendees and the vendor community, the DistribuTECH Conference Committee decided to add a 15th track for the 2018…

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Industry leaders adopting Clean Power Research solutions


At Clean Power Research, we like to think of ourselves as a small company doing big work. I reflected on this recently when I came across a list of the top 10 U.S. utilities (ranked by market capitalization, see Fig. 1) and noticed that 7 of the 10 were current…

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Utilities with industry-leading customer satisfaction use WattPlan


The 2017 J.D. Power Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySMresults are in, and utilities that rank highest not only provide excellent reliability and rate options, many of them are also taking advantage of online engagement tools to improve the customer experience. With the rise in utility customer inquiries about distributed…

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Tesla-SolarCity merger: a utility’s worst nightmare or sweetest dream?


On November 17, 2016, shareholders will vote on whether to approve the merger of Tesla and SolarCity. If approved, this merger would bundle together a triangle of disruptive distributed energy resources (DERs): rooftop solar, electric vehicles and battery storage. The attractiveness of Tesla products is undeniable, and as consumer interest…

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How one utility is advancing DER workflow management: Tucson Electric Power’s story


In a recent webinar survey, 94% of utility respondents indicated that email is used to trigger interconnection project reviews across departments. While email is an excellent notification tool, it’s an ineffective task management solution. When email is used for task management, it’s all too easy to lose track of work priority…

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These are some of America’s cloudiest cities. And guess what: they’re producing tons of solar power.

In many of America’s cloudiest cities, one thing is clear: their residents are producing tons of solar power. Cloudiness and solar energy may seem incompatible, but the truth is that solar panels can provide tremendous value even in cloudy climates. The most famous international example of this is Germany. While…

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Electric vehicles provide large GHG reductions in Minnesota


This week’s blog post is a contribution from our guest author Dane McFarlane, of Great Plains Institute (GPI) and was originally published on GPI’s Better Energy, Better World. To learn more about how Clean Power Research is helping customers understand the value of an EV check out this post by Gavin…

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