Residential rates: Can utilities increase customer satisfaction while decreasing peak load?


Recently, utilities have been turning to residential time-of-use and demand rates to send customers better pricing signals. But the questions remain: Will these new residential rates succeed in changing customer behavior? What happens to customer satisfaction? Customers prefer rate options Many utilities are turning to residential rates that include pricing…

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Utilities with industry-leading customer satisfaction use WattPlan


The 2017 J.D. Power Electric Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction StudySMresults are in, and utilities that rank highest not only provide excellent reliability and rate options, many of them are also taking advantage of online engagement tools to improve the customer experience. With the rise in utility customer inquiries about distributed…

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Net metering changes: An opportunity to improve customer satisfaction


Electric utilities are introducing new rate designs for mass-market (residential and small commercial) customers to better align with costs to serve and to encourage energy use habits that benefit the grid. However, with innovative rate designs utilities can achieve more than improved cost recovery and a healthier load shape; they…

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