Residential rates: Can utilities increase customer satisfaction while decreasing peak load?


Recently, utilities have been turning to residential time-of-use and demand rates to send customers better pricing signals. But the questions remain: Will these new residential rates succeed in changing customer behavior? What happens to customer satisfaction? Customers prefer rate options Many utilities are turning to residential rates that include pricing…

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Collaborating to cut emissions in the property sector

To enhance the sustainability of homes and property projects in Thailand, Bangkok-based property developer Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) has joined the MIT Energy Initiative, with a three-year membership agreement in MITEI’s Low-Carbon Energy Center for Electric Power Systems Research. MQDC is joining MITEI to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from property…

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Transitioning from NEM to successor tariffs can be a breeze for utilities

As net energy metering (NEM) evolves across the U.S., utilities are facing the challenge of meeting new successor tariff requirements related to application data collection, communication, performance, online payments and more. That transition can be tricky, particularly if the utility needs to keep current applicants informed about pending changes. These changes…

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