Fusion heating gets a boost

In the quest for fusion energy, scientists have spent decades experimenting with ways to make plasma fuel hot and dense enough to generate significant fusion power. At MIT, researchers have focused their attention on using radio-frequency (RF) heating in magnetic confinement fusion experiments like the Alcator C-Mod tokamak, which completed…

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Attention DER/PV interconnection teams: Your system planners are relying on you!


Recently I spoke with two very large investor owned utilities (IOUs) that are trying to backfill information for thousands and in some cases tens-of-thousands of PV systems located in their service territories. In other words, these system planners do not have equipment specifications for distributed energy resources (DERs) on their…

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Using energy-based designs to enhance earthquake hazard resistance

By taking an innovative approach to designing recommendations for new buildings and structures, researchers at MIT are collaborating with researchers and engineers around the world to develop cost-effective, non-invasive tools and methods for observing and measuring a structure’s movement and energy, a paradigm referred to as “energy-based design” (EBD). This…

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Putting the freeze on lab energy waste

This spring, nine MIT laboratories participated in the Institute’s first-ever Freezer Challenge, a friendly competition to encourage sustainable sample storage and freezer management practices. The labs’ combined efforts saved an estimated 86,892 metric tons equivalent of greenhouse gases, and $16,769 in energy costs. The challenge was run through the MIT…

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Evidence of satellite-truth when comparing to ground irradiance measurements


Troubleshooting ground measurements with satellite irradiance data We recently reported how the use of SolarAnywhere® Data made it possible for us to detect an unreported irradiance sensor calibration issue at one of the nation’s most trusted reference stations: the SURFRAD station of Fort Peck, Montana. We also reported in a…

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