Sustainability Connect 2017 brings MIT together to balance needs of the present and future

MIT faculty, staff, and students came together to celebrate the progress of the Institute’s campus sustainability efforts and to put their heads together to brainstorm ways MIT’s unique culture of innovation can be further leveraged to test new ideas. The diverse group gathered on May 8 for Sustainability Connect 2017, the third iteration of the…

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Adapting utility processes to the reality of distributed PV


Utility processes and systems impacted by distributed PV In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at how the growth of distributed PV can impact grid operation at the system level. These blogs addressed how distributed PV can lead to the often referenced “duck curve,” and how SolarAnywhere® FleetView® software can be used…

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PowerClerk: Your 24/7 assistant, not just a front end tool


PowerClerk® as a system In the world of software , the term “front end” refers to elements that users interact with, the user interface (UI). A front end, in turn, may enable access to “back end” databases, other software, etc. Over the years, we’ve often heard PowerClerk, our industry-leading program…

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