100,000 Applications in PowerClerk Interconnect and 500K in all PowerClerk products


The proliferation of distributed energy resource (DER) adoption, particularly solar, across the U.S. in recent years has led to a common pattern of records being set, for utilities, installers, and more.  Along those lines, last week marked an important achievement for Clean Power Research – the one hundred thousandth application…

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One powerful thing that unites America’s reddest city and bluest city

With Election Day just around the corner, political divisiveness across the U.S. seems to be escalating by the minute. Recent opinion polls suggest that partisan discord in America is more intense than it’s been in decades. A widely cited academic study in 2014 highlighted the gulf between conservative and liberal…

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How will the U.S. achieve its climate change goals? Our customers’ solar rooftops are leading the way.

This week in New York, energy leaders and experts from around the world are gathering for Climate Week 2016 – an annual event highlighting how continued investment in clean energy innovation and technology can empower us to address global climate change. We’ve written previously about how low-carbon energy sources like…

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