Market makers

Climate change is a global problem — but its solution relies on national, regional, and local policy actions. Take the issue of greenhouse gas emissions markets, which put a price on, say, the amount of carbon a country can release into the atmosphere. There are about 45 substantial climate-focused markets…

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Mixing topology and spin

In the pursuit of material platforms for the next generation of electronics, scientists are studying new compounds such as topological insulators (TIs), which support protected electron states on the surfaces of crystals that silicon-based technologies cannot. Dramatic new physical phenomena are being realized by combining this field of TIs with…

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7 things that beer can teach us about the future of electricity


The electric grid is changing faster than ever. With the rise of renewables and other technologies, energy is getting cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable. That said, understanding the inner workings of the power grid – voltage, distribution networks, substations, inverters, you name it – can get pretty complicated, pretty…

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